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Despite this economic benefit, Apple has recently come under scrutiny because of appalling conditions in many of its Asian factories. Assata herself was seriously wounded during the attack, having been shot in the back.

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She asks us to reflect on the way that people give up their own human vision and sympathy, making themselves into—or allowing themselves to be made into—objects, stripped of meaningful will or subjectivity.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Sample Essay

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In conclusion, huge global companies may reap the rewards of low operating costs in developing countries, but they should also keep in mind that they have a responsibility towards their workers and any infringements of their rights could negatively affect their image and stock price.

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I wrote an essay using this question and my main Advantage is: The rate of unemployment decrease in the less developed countries (because companies need labour) and The main Disadvantage is that transnational corporations who set up their overshadow the local companies. is a place to share and follow research.

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Asdasdasdad essay
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