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Greyhound racing banned by Australian state after 'barbaric cruelty'

If you live anywhere where they are permitted, contact lawmakers urging them to take action in banning them.

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Go Greyhound: Eleven Prewar Photos of the Bus Line

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Free Essay: Racing Greyhound Greyhound racing is one of the popular action sports, the sport of racing greyhounds. It started in in Western Australia. The Greyhound Line started back in when Carl E. Wickman began transporting miners in Minnesota from the town of Hibbing to Alice, for fifteen cents.

The regional transit line expanded rapidly and byit was operating close to twenty buses. The vehicles were soon dubbed Greyhounds after.

Tell your State MP to ensure your tax dollars are no longer funnelled into greyhound racing, and to take urgent action to end the cruelty of greyhound racing.

D espite their deep pockets, greyhound racing authorities have utterly failed to take effective action to address shocking brutality and illegal activity at the heart of this 'sport'.

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Few dogs are as emotionally engaging or physically elegant as the greyhound. None are as swift.

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